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Soccer-Trainer 3.0
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Soccer-Trainer 3.0 Club Download version

      The principle is simple, we create a user-name and a personal access code which will allow you to access the Soccer-Trainer complete Download Club version page directly on our website. Once you have your user-name and access code, you can then download and install the complete version.
      When you order the Download Club version (multi-users) you can install Soccer-Trainer on the computer of each coach of your club. (15 maximum)
Soccer-Trainer 3.0 Club Download version

CLUB_5 Up to 5 computers.
$ 199
CLUB_10 Up to 10 computers.
$ 349
CLUB_20 Up to 20 computers.
$ 549

      If you decide to pay making a bank transfert, please email us ( your name and address. Once the payment has been processed we will create a user-name and access code to Soccer-Trainer complete Download Club version.

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      We take care of your order as soon as we receive it and your access code to download Soccer-Trainer Download Clubb version will be emailed to you right away.

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