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Main features :

- More than 350 tested exercises.
- Meant for coaches of all types : from Beginners to Seniors.
- Exercises classified by age -- guarantees that training will be age-appropriate.
- Pre-existing training sessions available for every age group.
- Creation of training sessions.
- Printing of created sessions.
- Backup of created sessions.
- Quick navigation from one exercise to another with the preview of the exercise.
- Explanations are simple, easily understood and succinct.
- Unlimited modification of all pre-made sessions in the software.
- Each exercise is composed of targeted objectives, an explanation of how to run the exercise, the purpose of the exercise, and a diagram of the exercise.
- Ability to assemble of sessions into complete training programs of varying lengths (by week, by month, by season or by year).
- Backup of created programs.
- Unlimited modification of all the program examples available in the software
     (already created).
- Training programs already created for every age group (U7, U9, U11, U13, U15, U18, College/Adult).

Number of exercises for each age group :

   - There are 56 exercises adapted for U7
   - There are 96 exercises adapted for U9
   - There are 290 exercises adapted for U11
   - There are 343 exercises adapted for U13
   - There are 357 exercises adapted for High School
   - There are 349 exercises adapted for College/Adult soccer

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