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Mike (USA)

"I am currently putting together 28 and 56 week programs for U9, U11, U15 teams for both their bi weekly practices with me as their coach and for the 5 other teams that I provide weekly training for. This software will save me 10's of hours of preparation. I can quickly assemble a session if a colleague is absent and I fill in for them. I like your library of drills and will use them as well as the 100's that I have used over many years that can be quickly input into your exercise editor."
Coach (USA)

"I created a session tonight, printed it in about 25 minutes and that was creating the drills myself not using yours. You have some very nice games as standard and I love the foot pattern graphics for Coerver type stuff and agility ladders. Very slick. The fact that the print format is superb and the pdf file saveable and emailable is great. My guys ran a super session for the U10s tonight using my printouts. Great product, I was lucky to find it on the web! Excited about getting the full version and demoing it on the big sceen at our next district symposium."
Loic (France)

"I discovered your software a few days ago, and I couldn't wait to try the demo version which I found very interesting !"
Football club (France)

"Thank you for replying so quickly to my email. We would like to have a soccer training software before the next season begins. We are looking for a software that would allow us to create our own training exercises and programs in order to improve the gaps and mistakes that can be seen in our games. Your software seems to really offer what we are looking for."
Coach (Belgium)

"Hello Sir, I would like to thank you for replying so fast..."
Mats (England)

"Chers messieurs, votre logiciel me semble être un très bon logiciel !"
Regional Technical Director (League, France)

"Thank you ! This software seems very interesting !"
Morten (Danemark)

"First of all, thank you very much for what I consider a very nice program. I was close to start developing a program (a database) or something like yours, when I found your excellent program. Thank you for that!!!!!"
Mike (USA) full time trainer and coach

"This program is excellent. I like your format very much and the play creation is quick and I mastered it in seconds, printouts are great. I love your age dependent session build up and your program build is great and useful for professional trainers who have 26 week programs to compile at our club. Thanks"
Coach (France)

"Hello, I just found the demo version of your software and I would like to congratulate you because I find it very good !"
Coach (USA)

"Thanks and I love the ease of use, the quick turnaround of sessions and the ability to plan a whole program. Getting a neat .pdf file as an output that can be sent to the coaches I work with is a first and great."
User (France)

"We found the demo version of Soccer-Trainer software and it is true that it is very easy to use"
Guillaume, coach (France)

"Thank you for solving my problems so quickly (support and help = A++). I already like the program in its present state and I didn't even fully explored it. The training drill, games, sessions and programs offered are very interesting even if I usually develop most of my training sessions myself. Congratulations to the team that created this software. Regards"
Eric (France)

"Thanks a lot and congratulations for this software..."

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